Altered Wigheads and other art
by Cathy Karklyn Smiler

Other Art by Cathy Karklyn Smiler

I have done other pieces besides my Altered Wigheads. Some are below. They are grouped by the different styles and approaches I have used at various times. They are not all the same size, even though it might look like it in these pictures! Click on any painting to see a larger version.

Gingerbread House Gingerbread House is from a photograph I took when I was nine of a fanciful building in Massachusetts.
Goose Goose is from another photograph, but I didn't take this one. It documents an encounter I had with a hungry goose when I was about three.
Two Women The women in Two Women are my grandmother and my great aunt, riding a streetcar in San Francisco.
Three Three is about people getting along. Wouldn't that be a nice thing to happen?
Landscape Landscape is a landscape ... or is it? What do you see there?
Purple Sweatshirt This is Purple Sweatshirt. People have said it's ambiguous, which is fine by me. The meaning of art is created by the viewer as much as by the artist.
Big Pink Big Pink is happy, as was I when I was painting it.


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